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Select Recent Publications

Select Recent Publications:

Pausé, C. J. (2017). Candy perfume girl: Colouring in fat bodies. FKW//Zeitschrift fϋr Geschlechterforschung und Visuelle Kultur (Journal of Gender Studies and Visual Culture), 62, 74-86.

Pausé, C. J & Burrows, L. (2016). What is the school’s role in fighting obesity? Physical Education New Zealand Journal, 49(3), 6-7.

Burrows, L. & Pausé, C. J. (2016). Obesity and schools - Q & A. Physical Education New Zealand Journal, 49(3), 8-9.

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Pausé, C. J. (2016). Promise to try: Teaching fat pedagogies in tertiary education. In E. Carter & C. Russell (Eds.), Fat pedagogy reader: Challenging weight-based oppression in education (pp. 53-60), Peter Lang Publishers.

***Fat pedagogy reader was awarded the American Educational Studies Association Critics’ Choice Book Award 2016***

***Fat pedagogy reader was awarded the 2017 Society of Professors of Education Outstanding Book Award, AERA***

Pausé, C. J. & Russell, D. (2016). Sociable scholarship: The use of social media in disseminating and collaborating in the 21st century. Journal of Applied Social Theory, 1(1).

Pausé, C. J. (2015). Rebel heart: Performing fatness wrong online. M/C, 18(3).

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Pausé, C. J. (2014). Express yourself: Fat activism in the Web 2.0 age. In R. Chastain (Ed.), The politics of size: Perspectives from the fat-acceptance movement (pp. 1-8). Santa Barbara: Praeger Publishing.

Pausé, C. J. (2014). X-static process: Intersectionality within the field of fat studies. Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society, 3 (2), 80-85.

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