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Workshop mit Mary Fissell

Am 17.01.2019 findet ein Vortragsworkshop mit Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA) statt


Am 17.01.2019 findet von 12-16 Uhr c.t. im Vortragsraum des Instituts für Ethik, Geschichte und Theorie der Medizin der LMU (Lessingstraße 2, München) ein Vortragsworkshop mit Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA) statt. 

Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich - jede/r Interessierte ist herzlich willkommen! 

Das Programm (Änderungen vorbehalten): 

Mary Fissell (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA): "Reading Sex: The History of a Popular Medical Manual 1684-1930"

Tereza Hendl and Bianca Jansky (Department of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine, LMU Munich): „Empowered through an mHealth Interface? The Epistemology of Period and Fertility Tracking Apps“

Paula-Irene Villa (Department of Sociology, LMU Munich): „Shaping Sex: The Intersectional Biopolitics of Cosmetic Surgery“

Hier finden Sie das Programm zum Download. (PDF, 15 MB)

"Mary E. Fissell is professor in the Department of the History of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University, with appointments in the history of science and the history departments. Her scholarly work focuses on how ordinary people in early modern England understood health, healing, and the natural world. Her first book examined how health care for the poor functioned in an 18th-century British city, arguing that Bristol's working people shaped an urban health-care system through the choices they made—limited those choices may have been. Her current work continues to examine vernacular knowledge—ideas about the natural world that ordinary people used, made, shaped, and practiced. She connects the histories of gender, the body, and sexuality with those of popular culture and cheap print in the Atlantic world in a project focusing on an extraordinary popular medical book called Aristotle's Masterpiece."(


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