Geschlechterforschung / Gender Studies




Professional Conference Presentations

  • 2017 “Thinking through Colonialities of Power: Peruvian Middle-Class Perspectives on Internal and International Migration.” American Anthropological Association. Washington, DC. November 2017. 
  • 2017 “Heteronormativity, Homophobia, and Home among Transnational Peruvians.” Latin American Studies Association. Panel co-organizer. Lima, Peru. April 2017. 
  • 2017 Discussant for panel on “Food and Nation in Latin America.” Latin American Studies Association. Lima, Peru. April 2017. 
  • 2016 “Shifting Identities? Spaces of Privilege, Exclusion, and the Paradoxes of Belonging Among Peruvian Migrants.” American Anthropological Association. Minneapolis, Minnesota. November 2016. 
  • 2015 “Gendering Home: Cosmopolitan Sociability and Exclusion in Different Post-Return Experiences in Peru.” Panel Organizer. American Anthropological Association. Denver, Colorado. November 2015. 
  • 2015 “Between Longing and Belonging: Tensions between Imagined and Lived Experiences of ‘Home’ in the Return Migration Experiences of Peruvians.” International Society for Ethnology and Folklore. Zagreb, Croatia. June 2015. Panel Organizer. 
  • 2015 “The Challenges of Belonging: The Roles of Gender, Sexual Identity, and Everyday Insecurity in Return Migration Experiences among Peruvians.” Latin American Studies Association Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico. May 2015. Panel co-organizer. 
  • 2014 “Aproximaciones a las experiencias de exclusión e inseguridad en la Lima contemporánea de peruan@s migrantes.” Interamerican Studies Conference. Lima, Peru. Session co-organizer. 
  • 2014 “Discursos cotidianos de inseguridad y peligro: Género, sexualidad y racismo en la vida de migrantes retornantes al Perú.” Latin American Studies Association. Chicago. Session organizer. 
  • 2012 “Spaces of Transformation: Mexican Immigrant Women on the Sexual Education of their Children.” American Anthropological Association. San Francisco, California. 
  • 2011 Discussant for “HERStories of Violence” panel. American Anthropological Association Conference. Montreal, Canada. 
  • 2011 “Emotional Labor: First-Time Mexican Mothers on Managing Motherhood and Loss of Work Income in the U.S.” American Anthropological Association Conference. Montreal, Canada. 
  • 2011 “Between the Monstrous and the Ideal: Latino Masculinities, Violence, and Non-Violence.” Re-Thinking the Monstrous: Violence and Criminality in Society Conference. Munich, Germany. 
  • 2011 “What it Means to be a Man? Violence in Latino Masculinities Off and On Screen.” Popular Culture Association Conference. San Antonio, Texas. 
  • 2010 “Migration and Violence in the Negotiation of Masculinity among Latinos in the U.S.” American Anthropological Association Conference. New Orleans. Executive Session. Session Co-Organizer. 
  • 2010 “‘To Make it Through Each Day Still Pregnant’: Towards an Understanding of Women’s Experiences of Pregnancy Bed Rest.” Mothers and the Economy Conference. Toronto, Canada. 
  • 2010 “Race and Gender in Inca Kola’s Advertisements in Peru.” Popular Culture Association Conference. St. Louis, MI. 
  • 2009 “Masculinities in Motion: Latino Men and Violence in Kentucky.” American Anthropological Association. Philadelphia. Invited Session. Session Organizer. 
  • 2008 “Intersections of Gender and Violence in the Andes: Experiences from Peru.” Mundos de Mujeres/Women’s Worlds Conference. Madrid, Spain. Session Organizer and Chair. 
  • 2008 Institutional Resources (Un)Available: Gender, Race, and Class in Battered Women’s Experiences of in Women’s Police Stations in Peru.” National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Conference. Cincinnati, Ohio. 
  • 2008 “Violence Across Borders: Familism, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Self- Sacrificing Femininity among Women in Latin America and Recent Latin American Immigrants in the U.S.” Southeastern Council of Women’s Studies Association (SEWSA) Conference. Charlotte, North Carolina. 
  • 2007 “’They Don’t Respect You’: Women’s Understanding and the State’s Denial of Sexual Violence within Intimate Relationships in Peru.” American Anthropological Association. Invited Session. Washington, D.C. 
  • 2007 “Women’s Bodies as Sites of Resistance: Lessons from Lima, Peru.” XXVII Latin American Studies Conference. Montreal, Canada. Session Chair. 
  • 2007 “El cuerpo como instrumento de resistencia femenina en casos de maltrato en el ámbito doméstico en Lima.” VI Conference of the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture, and Society. Lima, Peru. 
  • 2006 “A Sense of Place: The Regional Dimension of Race through Women’s Experiences of Discrimination and Violence in Lima, Peru.” Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference. San Marcos, Texas 
  • 2006 “Discrimination and Violence Across Borders: A Preliminary Comparison of Battered Women’s Experiences in Peru and the U.S.” Southeastern Council of Latin Americanists Conference. Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
  • 2005 “The Multiple Faces of Resistance: Battered Women Negotiating Survival and Change in Peru.” American Anthropological Association Conference. Washington, D.C. Session Chair. 
  • 2005 “The Roles of Ethnicity and Class in Research and Advocacy with Battered Women in Peru.” Abriendo Brecha/Haciendo Camino: Activist Scholarship on Race, Identity, and Mestizaje in the Americas Conference. Austin, Texas 
  • 2004 “Ambivalent Resistance: Battered Women Negotiating Survival and Change in Peru.” American Anthropological Association Conference. San Francisco, California. Abstract accepted but paper not given due to conference cancellation 
  • 2003 “The Reproduction of Dominant Gender, Ethnic, and Class Discourses within Abusive Relationships: The Experiences of Battered Women in Lima, Peru.” American Anthropological Association Conference. Chicago, Illinois 
  • 2003 “What Happens After She Leaves? Battered Women in Lima, Peru.” Society for Applied Anthropology Conference. Portland, Oregon 
  • 2000 “State and Family Gender Violence in Peru in the late Twentieth Century.” ILASSA. Austin, Texas 
  • 2000 “Economic Development, Population Growth, and Women’s Health: The Control of Women’s Fertility in Peru in the late 1990s.” Poster presentation. Society for Economic Anthropology Conference. Bloomington, Indiana 
  • 2000 “An Uncomfortable Relationship: Anthropology and Domestic Violence.” Central States Anthropological Society Conference. Bloomington, Indiana 
  • 1999 “Development for Whom? Gender, Ethnicity, and Reproductive Health Abuses in Peru, 1996-2000.” North Central Council of Latin Americanists Conference. Northfield, Minnesota