Geschlechterforschung / Gender Studies




Invited Talks

  • 2017 “Continuum de violencia en la vida de mujeres peruanas” [Continuum of violence in Peruvian women’s lives]. Keynote Lecture. Violencias de genero contra la mujer symposium. Alianza Francesa del Perú. Lima, Peru, June 1-3, 2017. 
  • 2017 “Jerarquias, desigualdades, y exclusiones: Una mirada transnacional al a la violencia en las vidas de mujeres peruanas.” [Hierarchies, Inequalities, and Exclusions: A Transnational Perspective on Violence in Peruvian Women’s Lives] Panel presentation. Violencias de genero contra la mujer symposium. Alianza Francesa del Perú. Lima, Peru, June 1-3, 2017.
  • 2016 “Transnational Feminisms” panel. Organized by Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society. University of Louisville. Louisville, KY.
  • 2013 “Negotiating Gendered and Racialized Identities Across Borders.” Keynote Lecture. Red River Women’s Studies Conference. Grand Forks, North Dakota. 
  • 2013 “Intersections of Gender and Violence.” Circulo Universitario de Estudios de Género, Centro de la Mujer Peruana For a Tristán, Lima, Peru. June 2013. 
  • 2013 “Entre lo publico y lo íntimo: Intersecciones de violencia y género.” [Between the Public and the Intimate: Intersections of Violence and Gender]. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Gender Studies Program. Lima, Peru. 
  • 2013 “Violence, Feminicide, and Gender.” Sociology of Gender class. Universidad San Marcos. Lima, Peru. May 2013. 
  • 2011 “Immigration Issues Today” Panel, University of Kentucky. Panelist, for Hispanic Heritage Month. 
  • 2011 “The Woman in the Violence.” Southwestern University. Georgetown, Texas. April 2011. 
  • 2010 “The Woman in the Violence: Gender, Poverty, and Resistance in Peru.” Women’s Studies and Office of Violence Against Women. Eastern Kentucky University. September 8, 2010. 
  • 2008 “Place, Race, and Resistance in Women’s Experiences of Intimate Violence: Stories from Peru.” Peanut Butter and Gender Series. Women’s Studies, Berea College, Kentucky. February 13, 2008. 
  • 2008 “Latin American Cultures: Gender, Race, and Class.” Faculty Development Event. Jefferson Community and Technical College. Louisville, Kentucky. January 25, 2008. 
  • 2007 “Latinos in the U.S.: Historical and Geographical Background.” Speaker for Immigration Forum, "Broadening the Conversation: Creating Meaningful Dialogue around Immigration and Policy." Carnegie Center. New Albany, Indiana. August 2007. 
  • 2006 “Everyday Resistance Among Women in Peru and Latinas in the U.S.” Latino Heritage Symposium. Georgetown, Texas. 
  • 2005 “Latinos in the U.S: Histories and Realities.” Georgetown Public Library. Georgetown, Texas